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i Full Video WeFuckBlackGirls: Jasmine Webb (01.23.20177 Jasmine Webb is distraught. Why? She’s just spent more of Hubby’s money, and when he discovered this, the shit hit the fan. What’s more tired than that cliche? He left in a storm and jumped a flight to Vegas, where he’ll vent his frustrations on the Black Jack table and at various strip joints. And wouldn’t ya have guessed? Not thirty minutes after he stormed out, the furniture arrived! To Jasmine’s delight, the delivery...
Imagen WeFuckBlackGirls: Jasmine Webb

WeFuckBlackGirls: Jasmine Webb


i WeFuckBlackGirls: Mya Mays, Millie Stone (10.31.2016 Voodoo. It’s nothing to joke about. Just ask Mya Mays. She’s been listening to her lover, Millie Stone, blab on and on about her “voodoo powers” for a long time, and nothing’s ever really come of it…until today. They’re in the hottub, post-fucking, when they’re about to start up once more. Mya asks, “How great would it be if we had a white boy here?” And with that, Millie starts in on the chants. Then, she gets Mya to join...
Imagen WeFuckBlackGirls: Mya Mays, Millie Stone

WeFuckBlackGirls: Mya Mays, Millie Stone


i WeFuckBlackGirls: Brittney White 10.10.2016 If you think cheating is limited to white girls with black guys, think again! Just look at poor Brittany White. She gets the news of her cheatin’ black man as the plumbers are fixing her clogged drain. But don’t get me wrong…there’s nothing “poor” about this hottie. She’s known her man’s a cheater — she’s always suspected it. And now, she’s going to do something about it! The plumbers are done opening up one hole, and now they’re...
Imagen WeFuckBlackGirls: Brittney White

WeFuckBlackGirls: Brittney White


i WeFuckBlackGirls: Jezabel Vessir, Third Appearance / 08.29.2016 Jezabel Vessir is one horny girl. Just look at her! She’s in her front room, making booty call after booty call, hoping for one of her white boys to swing by to rail her tight, pink cunt while manhandling her all-natural Double-D’s! After the booty call fails (after all, it’s 3 o’clock in the afternoon!), Jez just sends out a mass text message. It’s easier to catch some fish if you throw out a net…right? Her only...
Imagen WeFuckBlackGirls: Jezabel Vessir, Third Appearance

WeFuckBlackGirls: Jezabel Vessir, Third Appearance


i WeFuckBlackGirls: Sarah Banks (08.08.2016 Sarah Banks is a physician’s assistant that, from time to time, oversteps her job description. You know the old saying — when the cat’s away, the mice will play — which perfectly describes Sarah today. She’s insanely turned on by white men, so why not give one of her favorite patients his hernia and prostate check? Speaking of white men, Kurt Lockwood is a known freak, so he’s down. Whether Sarah has a finger or a tongue up his ass,...
Imagen WeFuckBlackGirls: Sarah Banks

WeFuckBlackGirls: Sarah Banks


i WeFuckBlackGirls: Kahlista Stonem (06.27.2016 Khalista Stonem is probably a name you’ve never heard of, but after you finish watching superstars James Deen and Criss Strokes pound this petite, ebony newcummer, not only will you be one of her new fans, but you’ll probably start searching for more Khalista! This girl loves a good, hard pounding, and that’s exactly what she gets. Our two studs put little Khalista through the wringer, choking and slapping and spitting all over...
Imagen WeFuckBlackGirls: Kahlista Stonem

WeFuckBlackGirls: Kahlista Stonem


i WeFuckBlackGirls: Osa Lovely 06.06.2016 It’s Osa Lovely’s birthday. Really, it is. What should we do for the birthday girl? Dogfart threw her a party! We bought her a cake and four well-hung studs to present Osa with a cake, sing happy birthday, and let her make a wish. Do we really have to tell you what lovely Osa wished for? Or that it came true immediately? These four white studs fucked the living shit out of Osa’s tight pink cunt. I mean they pounded this whore. Pounded...
Imagen WeFuckBlackGirls: Osa Lovely

WeFuckBlackGirls: Osa Lovely


i WeFuckBlackGirls: Nadia Jay, Second Appearance / 05.16.2016 Nadia Jay runs a private night club. This is the sort of place that one can find all sorts of vices besides drinking. Nadia’s club offers it all, from gambling to girls, and her staff’s been doing a great job selling it all. She’s even been talking bonuses, but, for some reason, Nadia’s been all talk and no action…until today. A few hours before the shift, Nadia has an employee meeting that turns into something she’ll...
Imagen WeFuckBlackGirls: Nadia Jay, Second Appearance

WeFuckBlackGirls: Nadia Jay, Second Appearance


i WeFuckBlackGirls: Chanell Heart, Chanell Heart’s Second Appearance / 04.25.2016 You’re about to step into a special meeting, gone awry, lead by Chanell Heart. Chanell is a therapist, and her specialty is sex addiction. Being a sex addict herself, Chanell is an expert on the topic. She knows about to create a safe atmosphere for her group to set aside all their shame and embarrassment. Chanell’s biggest problem today? She’s a sexy, ebony babe who wore a short skirt to the meeting....
Imagen WeFuckBlackGirls: Chanell Heart’s Second Appearance

WeFuckBlackGirls: Chanell Heart’s Second Appearance


i WeFuckBlackGirls: Ashley Pink, Ashley Pink’s Second Appearance / 04.04.2016 You’re about to witness barely-legal ebony babe Ashley Pink lose her anal virginity. Before I get to that, there’s a company called Lockwood & Associates, and they’re a construction company. Kurt, the owner, is pissed. He’s pissed because his crew is slacking on the job. Why? Work would be the last thing on your mind, too, if there was a barely-legal babe suntanning topless. The work crew is enjoying...
Imagen WeFuckBlackGirls: Ashley Pink’s Second Appearance

WeFuckBlackGirls: Ashley Pink’s Second Appearance


i WeFuckBlackGirls: Kayla Ivy 03.14.2016 Kayla Ivy’s hormones are raging! That makes sense though, because she’s seven month pregnant. But Kayla’s hormones are even surprising her! She’s always horny…so much so Kayla has a hard time making it through the day without masturbating or looking for dick. And make no mistake about it — all Kayla wants is white dick! Her baby’s daddy is a white boy, and whenever she’s around one, all Kayla wants to do is fuck. In hopes of finding...
Imagen WeFuckBlackGirls: Kayla Ivy

WeFuckBlackGirls: Kayla Ivy


i WeFuckBlackGirls: Priya Price 02.22.2016 Inmate #1427 — Priya Price — is a real handful. Demanding. If she’s not yelling for the guard about food, she’s yelling about blankets. If not blankets, she’s screaming about the toilet. A real pain in the ass. Prison Guard Strokes has been eyeing Price’s enormous titties through all her ranting and raving, and now he’s about to take some action. BJ action. Right through the cell’s bars! And what if Warden Deen were to appear? Well,...
Imagen WeFuckBlackGirls: Priya Price

WeFuckBlackGirls: Priya Price


i WeFuckBlackGirls: Ashley Pink 01.12.2016 Ashley Pink has a fantasy she can’t seem to shake. She wants to walk into a bar and get gang banged. No lie. She’s masturbated to that fantasy so many times she’s lost count, and unlike her other fantasies, once she rubs one out a few times to the naughty though, she’s “over it”. Not with the gang bang fantasy. Look at her walking down the boulevard like a cheap hooker! And when she peers into a random bar and sees it’s filled with a...
Imagen WeFuckBlackGirls: Ashley Pink

WeFuckBlackGirls: Ashley Pink


i WeFuckBlackGirls: Bethany Benz (12.21.2015 It’s tough being an entrepreneur. Even after the hard work and long hours, there’s no guarantee you’ll ever be successful. And if you don’t have what it takes to get a loan from the bank, you go to the streets for your money. That’s what Bethany Benz had to do, and even after all that work and all those customers, she’s still having a tough time repaying The Man. That’s why she’s getting the shake-down from the two gangsters who are...
Imagen WeFuckBlackGirls: Bethany Benz

WeFuckBlackGirls: Bethany Benz


i WeFuckBlackGirls: September Reign 11.30.2015 Chad White is what you’d call a “host”, as his family hosts foreign-exchange students. They’ve got a new student in from Russia — Marcus Bay. Chad and Marcus become quick friends, as they both love black pussy. In fact, Chad makes it a number 1 priority to get his new friend some ebony American pussy, and he knows just who to call: September Reign. Chad’s been banging September forever, and he knows September’s an insatiable white-cock...
Imagen WeFuckBlackGirls: September Reign

WeFuckBlackGirls: September Reign


i WeFuckBlackGirls, Mocha Menage 11.09.2015 Since it’s the end of the summer, why not see it with a pool party? That was one of the reasons Mocha Menage is celebrating. The other? She’s a white cock slut, so at a Mocha Menage pool party, there’s no couples, no girls, and or black dudes. A Mocha Menage party means whites only, and dudes at that. Today Mocha’s invited five of her friends over, and in no time at all they see it’s “one of those parties”. Mocha loves to fuck and suck...
Imagen WeFuckBlackGirls, Mocha Menage

WeFuckBlackGirls, Mocha Menage


i WeFuckBlackGirls: Kira Noir, 10.19.2015 You may not have heard of Kira Noir, but after today’s scene, that’s going to change. Kira is a stripper from America’s Heartland (the great Midwest city of St. Louis), and she landed in Porn Valley just a few months ago. She’s already opened all three holes up for business, and today’s Bull — the very well-hung Criss Stokes) is going to take advantage of all three. After he snatches Kira from his backyard pool, it’s on! Strokes opens...
Imagen WeFuckBlackGirls: Kira Noir

WeFuckBlackGirls: Kira Noir


i DogfartNetwork WeFuckBlackGirls Jezabel Vessir Second Appearance When the folks are away, the boys will play even if they're college boys taking care of their parent's place during summer vacation. The boys like throwing crazy parties, too, which is probably why the Koi Pond is dying. Danny's freaking out, too, because those Koi are his dad's prized possession, and if any more die, there's gonna be hell to pay. This is what brings Dr. Jezebel Vessir. The boys found her online....
Imagen Jezabel Vessir Second Appearance27:05

Jezabel Vessir Second Appearance


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