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Videos porno de BrutalCastings

i BrutalCastings: Jamie Marleigh E55 / 04.12.2017 Cute black teen Jamie Marleigh thinks her retail job at a clothing store makes her a fashionista. She’s sure that her bubbly personality and curvy little young body will landd her a job with the world famous Brutal Castings modeling agency. Think again, slut! It takes more than a nice fat ass, perky tits and minor dancing skills to impress Master Kyle. You’ve gotta be willing to beg, be sexually humiliated and get brutally fucked....
Imagen BrutalCastings: Jamie Marleigh E55

BrutalCastings: Jamie Marleigh E55


i BrutalCastings: Lucie Cline (03.30.2017 Video Completo de BrutalCastings
Imagen BrutalCastings: Lucie Cline

BrutalCastings: Lucie Cline


i BrutalCastings: Kendall Woods, Tiny and tamed / 03.29.2017 Petite ebony teen, Kendall Woods, would really like to model for Brutal Castings. She’s a little latearriving to her audition, but Master Bruno’s willing to overlook it, if sshe follows his commands. He thinks she may be hiding a killer body inside her flimsy top and jean cut-offs, but he needs to make certain. At his insistence, Kendall shows off her perky little tits, pierced nipples, big clit and round juicy ass!...
Imagen BrutalCastings: Kendall Woods, Tiny and tamed

BrutalCastings: Kendall Woods, Tiny and tamed


i BrutalCastings: Penelope Reed, Face Down Ass Up Casting / 01.20.2017 Fresh out of high-school, 18-year old Oregon farm-girl turned model, Penelope Reed is very excited to be auditioning for Brutal Castings. This petite little Latina meets most of the requirements for the job; pretty face, nice tits, sexy nubile body, and a willingness to follow Master JB Rodeo’s commands. Eager to impress her new Master, Penelope has little trouble posing for photos in her see-thru bra and...
Imagen BrutalCastings: Penelope Reed, Face Down Ass Up Casting

BrutalCastings: Penelope Reed, Face Down Ass Up Casting


i BrutalCastings: Makeena Reese E48 / 11.10.2016 There’s been a lot of things said about Texas, some of it is even good, but there is one fact about the Lone Star state that cannot be disputed, and that is some of the finestt looking women in all of creation hail from there. Makeena Reese is living proof of that fact. What a hottie, and when she finds her way to Master Brick’s casting couch for her modeling audition, Brick can’t wait to get her out of her super short shorts and...
Imagen BrutalCastings: Makeena Reese E48

BrutalCastings: Makeena Reese E48


i BrutalCastings: Eden Sinclair, E49 / 11.10.2016 “There always comes a time in a teen girl’s life when she has to learn some life lessons, and while some of these lessons are simple and may even become pleasant memories, othhers can be, well’ a bit more harsh. Little Eden Sinclair from North Carolina is learning one of the harsher lessons today, if not THE harshest lesson of her entire life. Eden is learning that when you want something bad enough, you must make some sacrifices...
Imagen BrutalCastings: Eden Sinclair, E49

BrutalCastings: Eden Sinclair, E49


i BrutalCastings: Madelyn Monroe E47 / 07.31.2016 Sexy, blonde, Cali-girl wannabe model Madelyn Monroe finds her way into Bruno’s office and right on his casting couch for an audition she will not soon forget. Of course she’s late, because she’s a blonde from L.A., and Bruno is NOT happy about that. Then, she refuses to get undressed and show him her slamming, sun-kissed, left coast body and large, perky natural tits. Bad call, slut! Now you’re fucked! Actually, fucked is putting...
Imagen BrutalCastings: Madelyn Monroe E47

BrutalCastings: Madelyn Monroe E47


i BrutalCastings: Kirsten Lee E45 / 06.04.2016 Wish they all could be California girls! Especially when they’re as naughty as 19-year-old Kirsten Lee. Oh, free-spirited guitar-playing Kirsten doesn’t want to get naked on our casting couch, at first, but Master Brad systematically humiliates the little flake with every play in the BDSM handbook until she is transformed into a complete submissive, filled with cock in every hole, and splattered in hot cum. After making her beg for...
Imagen BrutalCastings: Kirsten Lee E45

BrutalCastings: Kirsten Lee E45


i BrutalCastings: Tiffany Watson E44 / 06.03.2016 Full Videos BrutalCastings
Imagen BrutalCastings: Tiffany Watson E44

BrutalCastings: Tiffany Watson E44


i BrutalCastings: Kacey Quinn, E43 / 03.15.2016 They grow pretty hot girls in Canada, and lovely Kacey Quinn is a living Nanaimo bar. Endlessly curvy, very pretty and with long, dark hair, Kacey hates her shitty life waiting tables. She dreams of being a famous runway model like Kendall Jenner and finds her way to our office and casting couch seeking fame, but our agent, Mr. Brick, informs Kacey that her height and tattoos will prevent a runway career. Kacey’s dreams are dashed,...
Imagen BrutalCastings: Kacey Quinn, E43

BrutalCastings: Kacey Quinn, E43


i BrutalCastings: Kacey Quinn 03.02.2016 Full Videos BrutalCastings
Imagen BrutalCastings: Kacey Quinn

BrutalCastings: Kacey Quinn


i BrutalCastings: Scarlett Jennings (02.17.2016 Extreme teen temptress Scarlett Jennings and her nice full tits and slick round curves find their way into Master Bruno's Miami casting couch from chilly Syracuse, New York. Blonde, 19-years-old, and with a head full of dreams, sweet Scarlett is about to find out exactly what it takes to make those dreams cum true! We'll give you a hint: BECOMING A SEX SLAVE! Bruno tells Scarlett she can't runway model with all her tattoos, but...
Imagen BrutalCastings: Scarlett Jennings

BrutalCastings: Scarlett Jennings


i BrutalCastings: Sadie Pop 02.11.2016 Full Videos BrutalCastings
Imagen BrutalCastings: Sadie Pop

BrutalCastings: Sadie Pop


i BrutalCastings: Jade Jantzen 02.11.2016 Full Videos ExploitedCollegeGirls
Imagen BrutalCastings: Jade Jantzen

BrutalCastings: Jade Jantzen


i BrutalCastings: Liza Rowe 02.11.2016 Full Videos BrutalCastings
Imagen BrutalCastings: Liza Rowe

BrutalCastings: Liza Rowe


i BrutalCastings: Jade Dylan 02.11.2016 Full Videos BrutalCastings
Imagen BrutalCastings: Jade Dylan

BrutalCastings: Jade Dylan


i BrutalCastings: Mandy Muse E37 / 01.06.2016 Mandy Muse, one cool sexy chick, just wants to quit her job for high paid modeling gigs! She sent her audition video to the best talent agency in Miami, Teen Castings, and gets a call back within a few days. She’ll do anything to get what she wants. The interview goes well and her new agent wants to take a few photos of her in underwear. When he tries to get her naked, explaining it’s standard procedure for work, she grabs her clothes....
Imagen BrutalCastings: Mandy Muse E37

BrutalCastings: Mandy Muse E37


i BrutalCastings: Kallie Jo E36 / 12.14.2015 This one, showing off her beyond perfect body and beautiful face in our offices like she’s some kind of a star. That kind of confidence is always rewarded on the old casting couch, NOT, and Kallie Jo from North Carolina with her sexy drawl and willingness to be fully sexually humiliated is transformed into a next level sex slave – the likes of which don’t come around very often. Spanked, slapped, hands tied and made to perform a shocking...
Imagen BrutalCastings: Kallie Jo E36

BrutalCastings: Kallie Jo E36


i BrutalCastings: Dakota Vixen E34 / 12.16.2015 The dirtiest sluts on earth come from the southern United States and despite being called Dakota Vixen, this beautiful 19-year-old cum target is from Louisiana where she tends bar and longs for a way into the world of modeling and acting. What this heavily tattooed honey finds though is a big load of hot jizz at the end of the rainbow, but before her deserving face ends up glazed in baby batter, this super sexy brunette with big...
Imagen BrutalCastings: Dakota Vixen E34

BrutalCastings: Dakota Vixen E34


i BrutalCastings: Mandy Sky E33 / 12.16.2015 In search of fame and fortune, they never stop coming. They never learn either. Resisting the instructions of the Master is futile! Teen Mandy Sky is bright eyed and bushless, and she has journeyed all the way to Miami for her casting and sole chance at wealth and recognition, but as so many have before her, doesn’t strip naked when she’s old to. Now, what does one do with an insolent little tease like this? Bruno knows, and he starts...
Imagen BrutalCastings: Mandy Sky E33

BrutalCastings: Mandy Sky E33


i BrutalCastings: Sophia Grace There’s nothing better than a 19-year-old, teen, submissive who loves the cock… except maybe an innocent teen who doesn’t know she’s going to get fucked rotten by a relentless Master. Such is the case with lovely young Sophia Grace who recently found herself in our offices attempting to cash in on her good looks for her shot at fame, wealth and a life in the spotlight. Sophia tells our agent Bruno that she is a third generation model and has everything...
Imagen BrutalCastings: Sophia Grace

BrutalCastings: Sophia Grace


i BrutalCastings: Joseline Kelly, E31 / 11.22.2015 Some girls are super shy when they come to our offices for their first interview/audition, and while that kind of modesty is precious and all, there’s no place for it in the world of Teen Castings modeling. Girls we represent, and that includes all the ones who’ve become famous, need to be able to handle any curveball that gets thrown their way. In other words, we have no place for conservative girls ashamed of their bodies....
Imagen BrutalCastings: Joseline Kelly, E3

BrutalCastings: Joseline Kelly, E3


i BrutalCastings: Desirae Rose 11.09.2015 Full Videos BrutalCastings
Imagen BrutalCastings: Desirae Rose

BrutalCastings: Desirae Rose


i BrutalCastings: Gina Valentina E28 / 10.26.2015 So many teen girls, so little time to turn them all into sex slaves on our casting couch. Gina Valentina, a gorgeous 18-year-old from Orlando aka “Whorelando” finds herself living the dream auditioning at our booking office for her one shot at fame and stardom. Gina’s certainly got the looks, a banging little body, and wow, that smile of hers can melt stone. Just one small problem though, she fights with the agent about getting...
Imagen BrutalCastings: Gina Valentina E28

BrutalCastings: Gina Valentina E28


i BrutalCastings: Penny Nichols E27 They pile into our casting office every single day and then tell our agent they have no interest in nude modeling, or aren’t comfortable taking their clothes off on camera. When will these little cum slobs learn that they have to go outside of their comfort zones and do whatever it takes to become famous? When? Well, Penny Nichols is going to learn that today, right fucking now! This petite 19-year-old looks like a deer in the headlights...
Imagen BrutalCastings: Penny Nichols  E27

BrutalCastings: Penny Nichols E27


i BrutalCastings: Skye West, E26 / 10.15.2015 They should rename Orlando “Whorelando” because we get so many filthy sluts from there it’s unbelievable, but not cute little 4′ 11″ teen wannabe model Skye West. She’s no slut. She’s a good girl who wants to be famous through hard work and determinatin… not by giving blowjobs to strange men. Riiiight! Wait until she’s on our casting couch being shown the REAL path to fame. Entitled bitch thinks the world owes her a modeling career...
Imagen BrutalCastings: Skye West, E26

BrutalCastings: Skye West, E26


i BrutalCastings: Mila Jade #0235 (09.14.2015) Mila Jade, a hot girl fresh from Senior High, rather be rich and famous modeling in bathing suits and lingerie! She sent her audition tape to the best talent agency, Teen Castings, and gets a reply. She’ll do anything to get what she wants. Her potential agent is happy with her and wants to take a few photos of her in underwear. When he tries to get her naked, explaining going nude will bring more work, she grabs her clothes. So...
Imagen BrutalCastings: Mila Jade E18 / #023533:37

BrutalCastings: Mila Jade E18 / #0235


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